Meet The Pet Squad

Hi, my name is Karen and I live in Mendham Township with my husband and our English bulldog, Ruby.  I left the corporate world after 20 years and I am now the Operations Manager for the Wash N’ Wiggle Pet Squad.  I have been with Wash N’ Wiggle since March of 2012 and never before have I had a job where I looked forward to going to work every day. I am certified by The American Red Cross in First Aid for Dogs & Cats.  You can trust that your pets will be in good hands with me and my team!

Hello, my name is Danny and I am a local living in Morris Plains. My family has always had pets including dogs, cats, fish, rabbits, hamsters, gerbils, rats, snakes and lizards. Wash N’ Wiggle gave me my first job as a dog bather, then a dog walker and now I am happy to be the Assistant Manager of the Wash N’ Wiggle Pet Squad. It has been a truly great experience to meet and care for so many of your lovely pets, and I look forward to it every day!

Hi, my name is Jill and I live in Morris Plains with my dog Holly.  I have been working with Wash N’ Wiggle since March of 2012. I am certified by The American Red Cross in First Aid for Dogs & Cats.  I love all animals and care for each and every one of them as if they were my own. I am known to some as the “dog whisperer” of Wash N’ Wiggle.  I am experienced in caring for dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, ferrets, sugar gliders, fish and ducks as well as a paralyzed dog.  I look forward to meeting and caring for your babies!

Hi I’m Dawn and I live in Morris Plains with my husband, two dogs, Leo and Sierra, and several cats.  I always have been a true animal lover of all creatures large or small!  I especially love dogs and cats so when I saw there was an opportunity right here in my neighborhood to work doing something I would love….I hopped on board!  I love all of the dogs and cats I meet and I know how much they mean to each and every one of you!  I am so happy I can help you with the well-being and care of your pet…or should I say family member!

Hi, my name is Robin.  I live in Morris Plains and am a mother of 3 children.  We have 2 cats and have raised 2 puppies for the Seeing Eye.  I am a licensed Certified Nurses Assistant and Home Health Aide.  I absolutely love people and animals. It is a pleasure for me to take care of your animals and help them and you any way I can.  In addition, I get so much joy and peace from them.  I love my job.

Hi, my name is Christine. I live in Morris Plains with my husband, two daughters, and our dog, Shuffles. I have been a stay at home Mom for the past 14 years.  I love all animals, especially dogs.  In the short time that I have been with Wash N’ Wiggle, I have grown attached to the animals I have had the pleasure to care for.  They all have such unique personalities and I have really enjoyed getting to know each and every one of them. You can be sure that I will care for your furry loved ones like they are my own.

Hi, my name is Connie and this is our baby Ice. I am a resident of Morris Township. Several years ago we became involved with the Seeing Eye as Puppy Raisers. The experience changed everything. My eyes were opened to how amazingly brilliant, loving and loyal dogs are. I love working outside of the box and enjoy meeting your furry family members. Each day brings a new furry adventure in the great outdoors.

Hello, my name is Kara and I currently reside in Dover, NJ. I live with my 2 cats Mimi and Jingles, and my bird Moe! I was a preschool teacher on and off for the past 13 years but I recently made the choice to be around animals on a daily basis! I love each and every one of them as they were my own and the feeling is great! I absolutely love my job as part of the Pet Squad and I couldn’t be happier to be apart of a wonderful team.

Hi! My name is Allison and I grew up in Morris County, currently residing in Boonton. I don’t have a pet of my own right now, but I love spending time with my family’s dog, Mya.  I have always been an animal lover and grew up with a variety of animals, including fish, hermit crabs, and dogs.  I work full time at a medical office during the week and have recently been added to the Wash N’ Wiggle team.  My first job was at a boarding kennel and getting to work with animals again has been such a joy. I look forward to meeting and caring for your furry family members!!

Hi! I’m Erricka. I live in Morris Plains and I’m a student at Montclair State University. I have two cats and a dog at home, and I have had a wide range of other small animals, from fluffy to scaly and everything in between! I started working at Wash N’ Wiggle in the summer of 2016. I adore each and every one of the pets I have had the pleasure of meeting during my time on the Pet Squad! It is so fulfilling to work with animals, and I love forming bonds with both pets and their families as I get to know them.

Howdy, I’m John from Morris Township, where I live with my wife, daughter, and two dogs. I was a Photographer-Producer with ABC News in NY & Washington DC for almost 25 years before retiring in 2014. I’m also a former Paramedic.  I just love all the furry friends I get to take care of every day! It’s a great feeling seeing wagging tails and getting kisses from happy customers.

Hi my name is Cathy and I am proud to be part of the Wash N’ Wiggle Pet Squad!   From when I was little I always loved all kinds of animals.  Growing up we had all types of pets.  We also rescued and helped so many kinds of animals from rabbits to birds, cats, dogs etc. even a duck!!   You can see so much love and appreciation in their eyes.  Being part of this team is so rewarding and the love I get from your fur babies fills my heart and totally makes my day!

Hi, my name is Sam and I live in Parsippany. I have a golden retriever, four ferrets, two turtles, and a dwarf hamster! I’m also currently in school to get my Veterinary Tech license and have experience working in a Veterinary Clinic. I’ve been around all kinds of animals literally for as long as I’ve been alive. I love working for Wash N’ Wiggle because there’s nothing better then seeing a dog’s genuine happiness when you walk in the door. I’m thankful that I get the opportunity to take care of all of your little fur babies.