Self-Service Dog Wash

Looking for a Safe, Convenient Place to Wash Your Dog without the Hassle and Expense of Full-Service Grooming?

Our Self-Service Wash May be the Perfect Option for You!


No more bending or lifting!

Why Choose Wash N’ Wiggle?

    1. We use the most advanced tubs in the industry, making your job fast and easy! The Ultra Lift 3-Sided Splash-Protectant Elevating Fiberglass Tubs lower to the ground so your dog can step right in through the removable door.  You can then raise the tub to YOUR comfort level for washing the dog.
    2. Our tubs can hold up to 250 pounds and made of a warm fiberglass with a floating non-slip floor, keeping your dog out of the dirty water and always on stable footing.
    3. Convenient Mobile Grooming Cart is Included, Keeping ALL the supplies you need close at hand! We understand it’s no fun to run across the store to grab a towel… that’s why we bring the supplies to your with our mobile carts. Everything is always at your finger tips!

What Makes The Bath Master Pro Bathing System — The Only System Used at Wash N’ Wiggle — the Perfect Way to Wash Your Pet?

  • It makes bathing pets easier & more enjoyable by reducing strain and speeding up the process with shampoos integrated directly into the spray nozzles.
  • Gets the dirtiest dogs with the thickest coats ultra clean, in half the time.
  • Dogs enjoy the massaging effect that the bathing system provides.
  • Choose from 4 All Natural, Sulfate free,  Hypoallergenic Shampoos and Conditioners, that dispense through the spray nozzle and provide an excellent pattern and pressure for both washing & rinsing your pet.
  • Odor Eliminator Shampoo.
  • Sensitive Skin- Hypoallergenic Shampoo.
  • Oatmeal/ Aloe Shampoo.
  • Citrus Plus Shampoo (NATURALLY repels fleas and ticks safely!).

Bring Only Yourself and Your Pet, Because at Wash N’ Wiggle All Supplies Are Provided!

  • Waterproof aprons, towels, chamois, brushes, scrubbies, and premier shampoos.
  • High velocity pet dryers at your fingertips.  This means less noise, while drying your dog quickly and efficiently.

…Everything you’ll need to keep your four-legged friend smelling and looking great, without the hassle and mess of home bathing.

PLUS — Never Worry About Your Mess – we do all the cleanup!  Every room is sanitized after each use.

Self Service Pet Wash Prices

30 Minutes in Spa Room – Just $25 (Any Size or Coat)

$12 for each additional dog

No appointment needed, just walk-in!

A La Carte Items with Self Serve Bath:

Ear cleaner- $3.00 ($5.00 we do it for you)

Tooth brush and toothpaste – $5.00

Nail Trim – $10 (we do it for you)

Flea shampoo – $7.00 additional

Conditioner – $7.00

De-skunking shampoo – $10.00

1 FREE WASH FOR EVERY 10 WASHES (We track this for you in our system)

We Also Offer Convenient Washing Packages at a Discount for Big Savings on Your Dirty Dog!

(Inquire at the Store for More Information)

*Adopted a Dog? Let Wash N’ Wiggle Give You a FREE self-serve dog wash with your newly adopted dog and 10% off store-wide on your first visit!